Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

conversation with myself

I will at number two, as a second best--

I didn't sleep, when you told me not to
then maybe, I think,
I'll give you everything you need,
when you don't even know everything you need

I will help you through your dark times,
when you will be there for me just at good times

I will be just like other to you,
when you will always be my first

I will support you in everything you do,
when you will support me just when I ask you to

I will waiting your call,
when you don't even remember to call

I will always pray for you,
when you don't even know that I want what's the best for you

I will give you my entirely day,
when you give me your lonely night

I will make you laugh everytime,
when you will hear me fooling myself

I will always worried everytime you sick and you'll need someone to hold on
I will sick and alone.

I will always be there when you need me the most,
you can never be there when I need you the most

I will be everything you want, but you'll never be everything I want
I will be wide awake with tears when you peacefully sleep

it's a crystal clear, that we're different
it's a crystal clear, this is unbalanced

its an :( emoticon,
when you want to sleep and I still want to have a conversation with you
its an :D emoticon,
when you text me and I pretend that you really care
its and :) emoticon,
when you ask how was my day and somehow you listen to my long answer

I didn't mean it, I didn't mean this to happen
its just happen.

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