Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012


I want to rip out your brain, stripping every thought of me
Analyzing which way you've gone too far
Which part my big eyes placed?
Which part the thought of me infected your every move?
How the way you got me into this?

When someone smile at you, do you remember my smile?
When someone ask, "have you eat anything today?", do you remember the way I used to asked you like that?
When your phone ring, do you hope it was me calling?
When the day become a lot like stiff, do you wish I was there beside you?
When you hear my voice, do you even miss me at all?
When theres a rain season coming, do you wish you curl up with me instead of wearing one of your sweater?
When someone laugh, do you remember the way I laughed?
When someone said my name, do you feel that pain?
and When you wake up, do you feel theres something missing quite big to distract you and make you cry?

and theres so much "do you" I wanted to ask you
but guess its unimportant
Clearly we're faraway and there's distance that I cant reach you out
Thankful for it so I cant stalked you like a freak show

Am I having a problem?
Its already 2 months I think, maybe more
And I don't see people like the way I see you
Not yet I meet someone quite warm like you
Don't see someone made me blossom that way you used to made me
Quite angry I miss you every seconds
Every thought of you, absorb me into old memories
Every pain you caused me, made me a little bit stronger than before

Maybe I do,
Love you too much.
Maybe I do,
Trying too much.
Maybe I do,
Look like a fool.

I feel attached on you.

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